Oct 2014: Dr. Berns talks about the Dog Project on 60 Minutes.

Sep 2014: Paper published on canine temperament differences with fMRI. peerJ link

Sep 2014: Dog Star Technologies receives Phase II STTR to use fMRI to identify better service dogs.

Aug 2014: See the Dog Project in the August issue of Dog Fancy Magazine. Link

Jul 31, 2014: How Dogs Love Us is #8 on the WSJ bestseller list for nonfiction e-books and #8 on the NYT Science bestseller list.

Jul 2014: Dog Project on CBS46 Atlanta. Link

Apr 2014: Watch the Dog Project on NOVA Apr 16, 2014. Link.

Mar 2014: New paper published! Scent of the familiar: an fMRI study of canine brain responses to familiar and unfamiliar human and dog odors. Behavioural Processes, 2014. Link.

Dec 2013: Great review of How Dogs Love Us in the New York Times Book Review by Rebecca Skloot.

Oct 2013: Read “Dogs Are People, Too” by Dr Gregory Berns, in The New York Times. Click here to read.

How Dogs Love Us was published October 22nd, 2013!


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